Paula – Volunteer Spotlight

Paula Kravcenko started volunteering with us back in November 2015, and since then has been one of our most committed and dedicated volunteers. She is a crucial asset to our team and helps ensure the smooth and successful operations of the soup runs.

Currently studying in college, Paula wanted to do some volunteer work, but couldn’t commit to any specific day due to her studies and timetable. The volunteering society suggested getting in contact with Humans Too and she “jumped at the opportunity and has been here since!”

paula-spotlight-2Speaking about her work with Humans Too; “As a volunteer I prep food such as making sandwiches, bagging pastries or even cooking pasta. You’ll get to go out on the run and hand out the necessities we may have like hot food and drinks, clothes etc. You get to talk to people and really build relationships with other volunteers and service users.”

“The highlight of my time working with Humans Too was when the management team approached me and asked me if I would like to be a Support Manager. Of course, all of the friends I’ve made are also a giant accomplishment for me, since I’m so quiet!”

paula-spotlight-1“If I were to pass on any advice to people considering volunteering, I would say, just go for it! You’ll never know if it’s for you or not if you don’t try! Some come and go others stay and love it and no matter which one you are we’ll always welcome you like family.”

“For me, the best thing about volunteering is the feeling you get when you help people. It’s like all day you’re worried about yourself or your friends or family but then for those two or three hours all that is left behind and you’re just out there helping those who need it, seeing them smile, their politeness- it just all makes the whole thing worthwhile.”

“We may only be out for a few hours a day but even when we are, we often hear how much we mean   to those on the streets and that reinforces the fact that what we’re doing is needed.”