Fifty-one present as homeless since start of year

A spokesperson for the council confirmed that since January there have been 23 cases presented to the council from the Arklow area alone comprising 28 adults and 23 children who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

‘The majority of these cases result from Notice to Quit from landlords to those in private rented accommodation,’ said the spokesperson.

It has emerged that many of those presenting to the council have been made homeless as a result of their rental being repossessed by lenders.

According to Municipal District Cathaoirleach Pat Fitzgerald the figures, in reality are even higher as there are many who do not go to the council once they have been told to leave their accommodation.

‘The figures are even higher than this because many people have been moving back in with their parents, sometimes with their own children and there is hardly any room but families shoulder the burden. These vulture banks are being very aggressive in taking back properties so the tenants are left out on the street. People are getting notices and being forced out with nowhere to go. I am getting calls to this effect every single week,’ he said.

A spokesperson for Simon Community Dublin, which includes Co Wicklow, said that the homeless situation is affecting people of all ages and backgrounds.

‘The current homelessness emergency is affecting people right across the country – families, single people, young people, older people, and people with severe health problems, people battling addiction, people this state has failed from a young age.

‘It is critical that we have national responses which are nationally driven but locally delivered,’ they said.

Source: Wicklow People