‘A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out’ – By Vicky Weldon-Barr

“To live in a society where everyone has a place they can call home.”
Last year, upon my return, I looked for ways to get involved in helping my community for the better. With that being said I decided that one of the biggest issued the Irish society was facing is that of the homeless crisis plaguing all areas of Ireland and Irish society. I joined four others on a journey of advocacy and action to tackle the issue and raise awareness among the younger Irish community, thus the birth of Humans Too!! Continue reading “‘A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out’ – By Vicky Weldon-Barr”

Unheard Voice of the Homeless – by Rb Kavanagh

“Literally 3 months ago I had everything I ever needed, and ever wanted, I never thought this could happen to me.”
On Tuesday evening, 10 days before Christmas, I took to the streets of South Dublin with the charity Humans Too. We met a young Irish mother near St. Stephens Green. Just 3 months ago *Leanne lost her job as a qualified hairdresser. Soon after she lost her car, house and she made the most difficult decision of placing her son in voluntary care. Continue reading “Unheard Voice of the Homeless – by Rb Kavanagh”

‘Hear Their Voices’ – Paul’s story

This month we met with Paul to hear his story of living on the streets of Dublin. Paul has been known to Humans Too since early January 2014. He has joined us on our searches around the City Centre while we provide basic necessities to rough sleepers.

Paul has been living on the streets since he lost his job – his house was reprocessed and taken from him leaving him with nothing but the clothes on his back. Paul sends his days and nights walking the streets to keep warm and refuses to enter hostels. He told us that ‘there is only so much hope you can hold on to and my hope is running out’.

This is one of the many, many stories and experiences out there of homelessness and it is time to get them out there.


Fifty-one present as homeless since start of year

A spokesperson for the council confirmed that since January there have been 23 cases presented to the council from the Arklow area alone comprising 28 adults and 23 children who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

‘The majority of these cases result from Notice to Quit from landlords to those in private rented accommodation,’ said the spokesperson. Continue reading “Fifty-one present as homeless since start of year”

100 children became homeless in Dublin last month

HOMELESS CHARITY FOCUS Ireland has claimed that the government’s failure to raise rent supplement payments will force more families onto the streets, with only five weeks left until Christmas.

Today the charity published new figures which show that another 45 families, with over 100 children, became homeless in Dublin alone last month. This means over 400 families have lost their homes in the county in the first ten months of this year – and that is just in Dublin. Continue reading “100 children became homeless in Dublin last month”

Over 450 families made homeless in Dublin last year

New figures show that 468 families became homeless in Dublin last year, including 1,000 children.

This amounts to more than one family a day becoming homeless in the capital, nearly double the rate of 2013 when 240 families were affected.

90% of them were homeless for the first time.

Many are being housed in emergency accommodation such as hotels for long periods due to a critical shortage of affordable housing. Continue reading “Over 450 families made homeless in Dublin last year”