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General Questions


Q: What does Humans Too do?

A: Humans Too provides immediate support to Homeless in Dublin in the form of food, hot drinks and warm clothing. Humans Too also supports a Dublin Hostel by providing volunteers to ensure its day to day operations.

Q: Where is Humans Too Located?

A: Humans Too is located in the Carmelite Community Centre at 56 Aungier Street.

Volunteer Questions

Q: What do Volunteers do in Humans Too?

A: Volunteers attend the soup runs which run from Mon-Thurs. Volunteers meet at Humans Too HQ at 8pm and prepare food and hot drinks. At 8.30pm Volunteers, led by group leaders embark on routes around Dublin City Centre to pass out food and drinks.

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?

A: You can sign up as a volunteer for our soup runs using the volunteer form in the Get Involved section.

Q: If I sign up as a volunteer, must I attend each week?

A: No, we want our volunteers to attend as regular as possible but we understand you have your own commitments.

Q: How does it work once I have registered?

A: Once you have registered as a volunteer you will receive a weekly text message with two links for soup runs. We ask volunteers to confirm their availability for each night using the links. When you select the link, you will be asked to enter your phone number and name for the night you wish to volunteer. This is for us to gauge numbers for each night.

Donation Questions

Q: If I donate, where does my money go?

A: All donations Humans Too recieves goes towards the running of Humans Too operations. No-one in Humans Too takes a salary, we are an entirely voluntary organisation from management to volunteers.

Q: How do I Donate?

A: You can donate via our donation page.

Q: Can I donate food/clothing?

A: Yes you can, please contact us via if you have any items you wish to donate.

Fundraising Questions

Q: How can I get involved in Fundraising?

A: Contact us via and we will see how you can become involved.

Q: Can I get my organisation/business involved?

A: Yes you can, please contact us via to see how your organisation/business can get involved.